This week we based our design around this tutorial. The design was based on Nadia's Machine and was fabricated out of cardboard. I worked with Stefania Druga, Kreg Hanning and Yi-Tung Shen on the project.

I did all of the lasercutting for all 4 of the axis. Here are some shots of the MIT Laser in action.

As the pieces came out of the laser, I started working on assembly with Kreg, Stefania, and Yi-tung. Rob even jumped in to help.

Here is the first assembled axis.

Shots of gluing. These things are surprisingly robust.

All Hands on deck.

More gluing and clamping.

Here is the completed machine with all the axis' positioned in place.

We decided to set the machine up in a hot-wire cutter configuration and Stefania Druga took the lead on the software side because her final project really revolves around this idea.