ESP8266 commands AT version: 3 2015 19:35:49) SDK version:1.2.0 Ai-Thinker Technology Co.,Ltd. Build:1.2.0.A Aug 7 2015 17:21:44 \r\n enter carriage return, newline general reset AT+RST\r\n get version AT+GMR\r\n update firmware AT+CIUPDATE\r\n join access point station mode AT+CWMODE=1\r\n list access points AT+CWLAP\r\n join access point AT+CWJAP="access_point_ssid","access_point_password"\r\n list IP address AT+CIFSR\r\n become access point mode: 1=station, 2=access point, 3=both AT+CWMODE=2\r\n set SSID, password, channel, encryption (0 = open) AT+CWSAP="SSID_name","password",3,0\r\n set IP address AT+CIPAP=""\r\n list stations AT+CWLAP\r\n set DHCP, 0=access point/1=station/2=both, 0=enable DHCP/1=disable AT+CWDHCP=0,0\r\n TCP client: get Web page multiple connection mode for TCP AT+CIPMUX=1\r\n open TCP connection 1 to port 80 AT+CIPSTART=1,"TCP","",80\r\n send Web page request on connection 1, with character count AT+CIPSEND=1,50\r\n GET /test.html HTTP/1.1\r\n HOST:\r\n \r\n close connection 1 AT+CIPCLOSE=1\r\n TCP server: send Web page multiple connection mode AT+CIPMUX=1\r\n start TCP server, on port 80 AT+CIPSERVER=1,80\r\n send Web page reply on connection 0, with character count AT+CIPSEND=0,44\r\n HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\n \r\n hello world\r\n close connection 0 AT+CIPCLOSE=0\r\n UDP client/server multiple connection mode AT+CIPMUX=1\r\n open UDP connection 1, to, remote port 1234, local port 1234, 0/2 = remote will not/will change AT+CIPSTART=1,"UDP","",1234,1234,0\r\n send on connection 1, with character count, to, port 1234 AT+CIPSEND=1,5,"",1234\r\n hello close connection 1 AT+CIPCLOSE=1\r\n