Plaid - 3d Spatialized Tartan
Project Type: Gallery Installation
Location: Art Kiosk Redwood City, CA
Partner: Virginia San Fratello
Funding: Fung Collaboratives
Images Courtesy of Matthew Millman
Date Active: Nov 2023 - Jan 2024

This installation in the Redwood City Art Kiosk conflates the agricultural history of Santa Clara County with the contemporary technological focus of the region. The Plaid structure is composed of 300 high-tech glass rods that are connected with 3D-printed nodes. The tubes are filled with cabernet, zinfandel, chardonnay wine, and other colors that represent the spinach, turmeric, and oyster mushrooms that are frequently grown in the region. The colorful tubes are woven together to create a festive 3-dimensional plaid structure that brings together the past and the present, high-tech and low-tech, liquid and light.