Gyroid Formations
Project Type: Speculative
Location: Non-Local
Class: Digital Media II, Cody Glen & Amir Karimpoor, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Professor: Andrew Witt
Date: Fall 2015

Project Intention:
Building off of a Gyroid canopy – the focus of the project is on transforming one of the more deformed Gyroid modules and how to convert that into an architectural element. For the large scale we are focusing on making this piece a double height “transparent” column that is both transparent in terms of having a lot of openings in the overall form (the qualities of a Gyroid surface from our previous assignment) as well as a local perforated patterning condition. The medium scale would be one of the minimal surface panels that make up this large column and how they connect to one another. The small scale would be the custom connections this column would make to the ground– roof and any intermediate floor plates (as shown in the images below) which in turn can provide for interesting spatial moments on how people would experience this column as a space.