Cadillac House - Brand Experience, New York, NY
Gensler Project Site
Project Type: Interior Renovation / Offices / Showroom
Location: New York, NY
Architects: Gensler
Images Courtesy Gensler
Date: 2014

Pioneering design, technology, and style in the automotive industry since 1902, Cadillac joined forces with Gensler to conceive Cadillac House—an embodiment of the brand's culture. Geared towards the vibrant and creative tastemakers of New York, Cadillac House SoHo delivered a unique and interactive experience, reshaping and amplifying the presence of the iconic luxury brand over a three-year span. This endeavor proved to be a triumphant global platform for the brand.


  • 2017 Shop! Design Awards - Silver Award, Creative Space in Retail Environment
  • 2016 Best of Year Awards - Winner, Showroom